Real-time Signal Processing

Module code: EG7017

This module will be organised around a set of laboratory sessions using a modern DSP chip and a PC and analysing real signals in real-time. The sessions will exploit some of the following central themes:

  • Sampling: Interrupt based A/D sampling; programming the sampling frequency; control of A/D and D/A; effects of finite word length
  • Real-time implementation of FIR filters: Finding the coefficients and implementing low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject FIR filters
  • Real-time implementation of IIR filters: A simple extension of the fundamental implementation covered on the previous session
  • Real-time implementation of FFTs: Exploiting a given algorithm and measuring its performance

At the end of this module the you should be very familiar with the practical implementation of real-time systems and be able to implement them starting from the specified difference equation. This module is ideal for research students and engineers who will deal with both real-time and off-line implementations of digital filter and/or the implementation of control systems.