Statistical Inference

Module code: EC1012

Statistical analysis underlies many aspects of economic decision making and understanding the properties that influence this is imperative for businesses. This module will equip you with the ability to understand key concepts such as central limit theory, estimators - how to find them and what they are- and how to conduct the relevant statistical hypothesis tests (means, variances and the ratio of two variances). 

You will look at these concepts in detail by using statistical tables relating to the Normal, Chi-squared, F- and t-distributions and how to run correlation and simple regression analysis. This will equip you with the skill to make inferences using hypothesis tests and goodness of fit measures and show the various steps involved in the derivation of the sampling distribution of the sample mean. 

To gain a better understanding of how statistical analysis shapes our society and how we use information, this module will give you the foundations to make inferences about populations using data and statistical packages so that you can manipulate, present and analyse data.