Body Systems and Applied Medical and Biolgical Sciences 3

Module code: BS2082

This blended module, taken in Year 2, covers to further body systems but also continues teaching within the Scientific Method stream of the course, which again runs throughout Year 2:

Head, neck, and neuroanatomy

Reproductive System

Introduction to Scientific Method, Literature and Scientific Writing (Part 2): Building on the teaching delivered in Year 1 this second part again integrates with other modules provided in Year 2 to cover key concepts including:

  • Further aspects of neurobiology
  • The structure, organisation, and function of the nervous system
  • Drugs affects on the structure and function of nervous tissue
  • Lung function analyses
  • The importance of understanding of data and use of statistical analyses (including large data sets)
  • Immune profiling as a diagnostic tool
  • Drug-ligand interactions in neurobiology and cardiovascular disease
  • Use qualitative methods in clinical research
  • Principles of good experimental and project design


  • 54 hours of lectures
  • 29 hours of tutorials
  • 68 hours of practicals
  • 149 hours of independent study


  • Written assessment (65%)
  • Practical reports and tutorial assignments (35%)