Aims and Methods in Archaeology

Module code: AR1551

This module provides an introduction to key ideas and issues, including a discussion of what archaeology is, and what archaeologists actually do. How do archaeologists find sites, and how do they get information from sites? How do archaeologists work out the date of a site? What are the common artefacts found on archaeological sites, and how are they analysed? Aims and Methods in Archaeology lets you get to grips with the principle techniques used by archaeologists, which you will move on to explore in more depth in your subsequent modules.

Topics covered

  • What is archaeology?
  • Archaeological evidence
  • Finding archaeological sites
  • Excavation: theory and practice
  • Post-excavation analysis: artefacts
  • Post-excavation analysis: ecofacts
  • Dating
  • Using archaeological evidence to understand past societies
  • Archaeology in its broader context