Debates in Contemporary Archaeological Research

Module code: AR1013

This module will introduce you to the archaeological research process. You will learn how archaeologists go about carrying out an archaeological investigation – what questions they want to ask and why; how they have chosen to answer these questions through the investigation of a particular site or sites; what approaches they have taken to those archaeological sites so that they can best answer these questions; and what ethical (e.g. social and environmental) questions these investigations face.

Archaeologists in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History are carrying out cutting-edge archaeological investigations across the globe (e.g. excavation, survey, buildings analyses, artefact analyses etc.), covering periods from prehistory until modern times. They will introduce to you to their research projects and research processes. Through class discussion you will be guided in how to assess the research projects of other archaeologists, and in developing a critical approach to how archaeologists use archaeological investigation to answer, in particular, economic, social and environmental questions. You will be introduced to published archaeological research and guided in presenting your own, informed, ideas about developing an archaeological research project.