Languages for Ancient History

Module code: AH1553

This module covers the development of writing and alphabets, and gives an overview of the ways in which literacy changed the Greek and Roman worlds. You will investigate the role of writing in religion, and the power that writing conferred both on individuals and certain groups in society. Equally fascinating are explorations of the ways in which early societies calculated time and the effect this had on culture and politics. This module looks at the significance of language, writing and numeracy within both ancient Greece and Rome, and naturally – you will gain basic Greek and Latin linguistic skills, particularly those necessary for studying ancient history and Classical archaeology.


This module is studied by distance learning. Teaching materials will include a workbook, a Greek language textbook, a Latin language textbook and materials on Blackboard.


  • Source criticism 1 (40%)
  • Source criticism 2 (40%)
  • Annotated bibliography (20%)