Introduction to Classical Culture

Module code: AH1013

  • What did the Greek and Roman worlds have in common?
  • Did they have more in common with each other than with other ancient societies?
  • Why do we see the Greek and Roman worlds together as a single 'classical antiquity'?

This module will develop the themes explored in AH1012 The Ancient World Beyond the Mediterranean, questioning whether the Greek and Roman worlds shared more with each other than with their other neighbours. In lectures and seminars, we will explore the cultural ties that held the classical world together, examining in particular literature, art, architecture and other cultural products. We will engage with some of these first-hand during museum visits, during which we will also reflect on the ways that our modern world has chosen to classify the 'classical'.

Topics covered

  • Literary traditions
  • Artistic traditions
  • Mythic traditions
  • The modern 'classical tradition'