Engaging Audiences: Education, Learning and Participation

Module code: MU7546

As museums become increasingly committed to their communities, audiences, and social purposes, the traditional notions of education and learning have found new avenues of practice and significance at the core of the museum’s work. This module helps you to develop a deeper understanding of the unique role of museums and galleries for learning.

It will support you to develop your set of approaches and tools to foster learning and education in museum and gallery settings in ways that are meaningful, purposeful, and relevant to individuals and groups within society. It recognises the challenges of advocating for education and learning in the context of museums and galleries, and will enhance your skills in leading and shaping new practice and programming.

Overall, this module explores new meanings of museum and gallery education and learning in the context of socially purposeful museums and galleries. It provides you with an opportunity to develop a learning resource and to think deeply about collaborative and participatory approaches including ethical practice.

Topics covered

  • Theoretical frameworks and learning theories
  • Project approaches and management  
  • Partnership working
  • Measuring learning
  • Evidencing impact of transformation beyond museums and galleries     


  • 80 hours of interactive lectures and activities (mainly online) and reading tasks
  • 4 hours of seminars
  • 4 hours of tutorials
  • 8 hours of fieldwork (self-directed study visits)
  • 204 hours of guided independent study and assignment preparation time


  • Short presentation (30%)
  • Museum learning resource and rationale essay (70%)