Managing Risk, Crisis and Disasters

Module code: MN7632

This module introduces approaches to risk, crisis and disaster risk management. The role of leadership and communication is emphasised in the management of risk, crisis, disaster and development. Topics such as organisational culture and behaviour are introduced to tackle ‘vulnerabilities’ that exist in the seams of organisations and communities as resident pathogens. Classic and contemporary case studies are examined critically - incidents such as the 1989 Hillsborough Stadium disaster, the 2013 collapse of Rana Plaza and the 2017 fire in Grenfell Tower. Particular attention is paid to the aetiology and management approaches adopted in relation to incidents.

Topics covered

  • Concepts of risk, crisis and disaster risk management
  • Management of organisational culture
  • Management of terrorism
  • The role of government in risk, crisis and disaster risk management
  • The role of risk communication models
  • Leadership in risk, crisis and disaster risk management
  • Case studies


  • 4.5 hours of pre-recorded asynchronous lectures
  • 4 hours of asynchronous e-seminars
  • 2 hours of asynchronous tutorials
  • 289.5 hours of guided independent studies


  • Reflective essay (50%)
  • Report (50%)