Branding and Communications

Module code: MN7585

Module co-ordinator: Dr Mihalis Kavaratzis

Module Outline

This module combines two very popular concepts within marketing studies. In fact, the subject of branding and communications is probably the most popular marketing subject amongst students, practitioners and the public at large today. Brands are considered by some the most valuable assets of a company and for a long time they have been at the forefront of competition based on the benefits that they are thought to bring for companies and consumers alike. Branding, however, does not come free of costs. Strong criticism has been levelled against brands due to their consequences for society and for their effects on individual lifestyles. Furthermore, the world we all live in brings along changes in the way brands are perceived, managed and communicated. This module explores this exciting and intriguing subject in a critical and inter-disciplinary manner paying attention to both managerial and socio-cultural aspects of branding.

Topics covered

  • The complexity of brands and branding.
  • Roles, benefits and limitations of branding and communications.
  • How marketing communications are perceived to work.
  • Connections between advertising, branding and wider marketing actions.
  • Ethics, consumption and identity work.


113 hours of guided independent study


Two-hour exam (100%)