Marketing Theory

Module code: MN7570

Module co-ordinator: Dr Mihalis Kavaratzis

Module Outline

This module will introduce the main theoretical assumptions and debates that underpin the marketing discipline. It will introduce some of the main issues and controversies surrounding marketing theory by revisiting the origins of marketing thought. It will consider how the subject, and its theory, have developed and grown into the discipline that we recognise today. This module also considers the relative value of theory against other types of knowledge and understanding, especially knowledge gained through practical experience. It will also consider several related questions focussing on the nature of theory and the value of theoretical contributions.

Topics covered

  • Theoretical foundations and practical evidence for the Marketing Concept and Marketing Orientation. 
  • Generic models in marketing, including the marketing mix framework. 
  • The development of relationship marketing theory, assessing whether it offers a credible theoretical alternative to other traditional theoretical models in marketing. 
  • The pursuit of science and scientific principles in marketing, examining the arguments put forward to promote the scientific method. 
  • The 'The Crisis of Interpretation' in marketing. 
  • The scope and domain of marketing and its legitimate application in the public sector and in not-for-profit contexts. 
  • Post-modern theories in marketing and consumer research.
  • Possible future directions in markets, consumer society and the potential impacts on future marketing practice.


113 hours of guided independent study


Two-hour exam (100%)