Marketing Research

Module code: MN7549

Module co-ordinator: Dr Ai-Ling Lai

Module Outline

This module will introduce both the theory and practice of marketing research. In particular it will provide students with a thorough understanding of different approaches to marketing research; an ability to demonstrate both quantitative and qualitative research methods; to be knowledgeable and critical about the tools available to analyse quantitative and qualitative information; to be able to design and undertake marketing research; and to be able to analyse problems and identify opportunities to demonstrate how marketing research is applied in the business world.


  • Defining marketing research.
  • Achieving business success through marketing research.
  • Marketing research and managerial decision-making.
  • Collecting information to improve managerial decision-making.
  • Marketing research projects, marketing information systems and decision support systems.
  • Marketing research process.
  • Opportunities in the marketing research industry.


113 hours of guided independent study


Essay Assignment (100%)