Self-management and Lifestyle Behaviour Change

Module code: MD7524

Supporting someone with diabetes to become a successful self-manager is critical to good outcomes, whether clinical, psychological or emotional. This module will help  you to develop skills to support self-care in people with diabetes and other long term conditions. 

Topics covered

  • Critical appraisal of published research in the field of self-management (including structured self-management education programmes), evaluating application to other cultural/geographical contexts
  • Exploration of how self-management interventions are influenced by published research and national health policies
  • The philosophy that informs self-management interventions
  • Use of psychological/learning theories to underpin the development of self-management interventions
  • Identification of skills and abilities associated with delivering structured self-management education programmes (with specific reference to: eliciting health beliefs; effective behaviour change planning and goal setting; active listening)
  • Exploration of ways to develop, achieve and maintain competency


  • 12 hours of lectures 
  • 1 hour of seminars
  • 6 hours of tutorials 
  • 12 hours of demonstrations 
  • 119 hours of guided independent study 


  • Case study 3,000 words (80%)
  • Discussion form (10%)
  • Reflective journal (10%)