High-Reliability Embedded Systems

Module code: EG7014

This module is concerned with the design and implementation of software and hardware for embedded systems based on a single processor. The key focus of the module is on the production of applications that are modular and highly reliably; based on time-triggered system architectures. This course takes the form of: a series of lectures focusing on the hardware and software design aspects of embedded systems, with particular attention paid to reliability and code reuse; a set of guided design exercises, involving the creation of small embedded applications.

Topics covered

  • Designing single-core real-time embedded systems using the C programming language following specific coding standards.
  • Designing modular embedded systems using the C programming language.
  • Designing and implementing single processor embedded systems using a time-triggered software architecture, and single processor multi-mode embedded systems.
  • Translating system timing requirements to embedded systems design requirements/constraints.


  • 11 hours of seminars
  • 33 hours of tutorials
  • 106 hours of guided independent study


  • Coursework x 2 (50% + 50%)