Computational Arts

Module code: CO2110

This module has two components: a lecture series on the history of computational arts and the aesthetic and critical debates that shape their evolution; creative workshops that lead to the delivery of a publicly accessible creative artwork in the form of an exhibition, performance or installation.

The lecture series will cover visual art, music, animation, film, game art, interactive work, installations and other leading examples of computational arts. It will be a chronological survey that includes relevant critical theory in aesthetics and discussion of the socio-cultural contexts for the work.

The creative workshops will encourage the development of computational arts portfolios through both group and individual work. The major outcome of the workshops will be a publicly accessible event that might comprise an exhibition, live performance or installation. Reflective practice is key to the workshop programme and is captured through an individual assessed commentary.


  • 24 hours of lectures
  • 24 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 102 hours of guided independent study


  • Portfolio (40%)
  • Reflective commentary (20%)
  • Essay or presentation (40%)