Advanced Forensic Science

Module code: CH4212

During the first three years of your MChem, you'll have learned a wide range of chemical and physical principles and their application to forensic science. This module goes into significantly more detail on several vital areas, including the interaction of forensic science with the legal process.

In addition to the basic study of the legal system which takes place in the early stages of the module, you will study the law of evidence. Exploring rules of evidence admissibility, inferences about "facts" and "evidence", and burdens and standards of proof will reinforce the analytical rigour associated with chemical techniques you have studied in other modules.

Lecture-based sessions on forensic archaeology will provide insight into how one might search for and recover evidence in environmental settings. A practical session in the bone laboratory will complement this.

Selected practitioner and expert sessions will provide insight into contemporary forensic science practice. These might include contributions from experts in criminology, DNA analysis, explosives, fire investigation, and blood pattern analysis.


  • 22 hours of lectures
  • 128 hours of guided independent study


  • Coursework (60%)
  • Exam, 1 ½ hours (40%)