Forensic Science

Module code: CH3212

During your time at Leicester, you will have developed knowledge of a strong portfolio of analytical and physical characterisation techniques commonly used in a chemical context.

In this module, you will focus this knowledge on forensic applications. This will require more detailed consideration of the particular challenges – sensitivity, selectivity, applicability to forensically relevant materials – posed by forensic investigations and the matching of attributes of specific techniques to these challenges.

Topics explored will include explosives, fire investigation, firearms and gunshot residue, fingerprints, document analysis, forensic engineering, sharp weapons and biometrics. You will learn how to select and apply appropriate analytical methods to questions associated with these topics. Practical activities include investigation of a simulated crime scene and a fire scene.


  • 33 hours of lectures
  • 117 hours of guided independent study


  • Coursework (40%)
  • Exam, 1 ½ hours (60%)