Advanced Methods for Data Analysis

Module code: BS7106

This module deals with advanced data analysis methods applied to different experimental techniques that are used in Neuroscience. First, basic concepts of signals and systems will be presented (such as Fourier Transform and Linear Filtering). Then, throughout the module, you will be presented with different experimental techniques and shown how the acquired data can be analysed. These techniques include electrophysiology in rodents and humans (single neuron activity, local field potentials, electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography), functional magnetic resonance imaging and optical imaging. Some of the analytical methods that will be introduced include spectral analysis, circular statistics, bootstrapping, regression and clustering. 


  • 20 hours of lectures
  • 6 hours of project supervision
  • 9 hours of demonstration
  • 10 hours of practicals
  • 255 hours of independent study


  • Essay (20%)
  • Exam, 2 hours (40%)
  • Programming project with written report (40%)