Genomics: A Microbial Perspective

Module code: BS3009

How do you determine which virulence factors, genes and gene networks are important for the pathogenesis of microbes? How do we identify new antibiotic and drug targets? Why do microbes change so fast? Genomics is a major area of research and is having a significant impact on our understanding of disease processes. For example, the development of cheap high-throughput sequencing has generated 1000s of microbial genome sequences revolutionising detection of virulence factors and other determinants of pathogenesis. 

This module will explore the major techniques utilised in genomics and current views on the genetic diversity and adaptability of microbial pathogenesis. This module consists of a mix of lecture-based and tutorial-based teaching providing access to the latest research and knowledge of strategies for functional analyses of microbial DNA sequences. This module will be essential for anyone pursuing a career in bacterial pathogenesis and highly valuable for individuals interested in the wider genomics field.


  • 14 hours of lectures
  • 12 hours of seminars
  • 5 hours of tutorials
  • 119 hours of guided independent study


  • Written report (30%)
  • Critical review (50%)
  • Report (20%)