Professional Development 1

Module code: PH1004

Communication is a vital part of any clinical professional’s role. Physiotherapists are no different. Explaining medical theories, principles and directions to patients that may know nothing about physiotherapy is no mean feat. Plus, the nature of your work means you will often have to communicate with an array of different clinicians within multidisciplinary teams.

In this interprofessional module, you will work alongside other healthcare students to develop your ability to communicate effectively to patients, service users and clinical professionals. Plus, you will gain an understanding of the values and responsibilities found in health and social care environments, as well as holistic, multidisciplinary approaches to physiotherapy. A key aspect of this module is reflecting on your personal development on your journey to becoming a professional physiotherapist.


  • 36 hours of seminars
  • 114 hours of guided independent study


  • Essay, 1,500 words (100%)