Innovation and Reform: Lead Module

Module code: ED7594

This pathway will provide you with the opportunity to critically and creatively engage in a range of current educational innovation and reform initiatives, in order to equip you as educators who lead education for the 21st century. It will give you a greater understanding of new pedagogical approaches, curriculum areas, learning space design and professional learning needs as well as familiarise you with effective processes for leading educational change. It will provide a focus on innovation and reform concerned with helping schools to play an active role in creating and maintaining more humane and sustainable futures. This pathway will actively engage you in aspects of educational development such as:

  • Participatory pedagogical approaches
  • Critical literacy
  • Creativity
  • Sustainable development and democratic citizenship
  • Human Scale Education


  • 5 hours of seminars or tutorials
  • 20 hours of fieldwork
  • 275 hours of guided independent study


  • Poster and podcast (20%)
  • Essay, 4,000 words (80%)