Applied Criminology

Module code: CR3030 (double module)

What are the key challenges faced in applying our criminological knowledge and understanding to criminal justice and the world outside of the university? How should we engage and communicate with different institutions and groups as criminologists through what is called ‘public criminology'?

In this module you’ll identify these challenges, as well as evaluating the application of criminological theories to policy and practice in the workplace. You’ll think about how you can present your ideas and findings to various audiences, including non-academic ones. The module also focuses on the development of key employability skills and reflective thought in order to prepare you for your placement.

Through this module you'll develop a sophisticated awareness of the impact of policy on criminal justice practices. You'll do this by producing a presentation which demonstrates an understanding of how key concepts and theories apply to criminal justice and/or criminological work environments, and how criminology is communicated to non-academic audiences.

You’ll then get the opportunity to embark on a placement where you'll reflect on your experiences and personal development through short diary entries. Afterwards, you'll complete a final report which outlines the placement experience and the work you completed while you were there. Applying your criminological knowledge and experience to that particular placement setting/organisation, and reflecting on your personal development, will help you to cultivate your key employability skills.


  • 20 hours of lectures
  • 20 hours of project supervision
  • 12 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 12 hours of work based learning
  • 196 hours of guided independent study
  • 40 hours of placement


  • Report, 2,000 words (70%)
  • Presentation, 15 minutes (30%)