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Suggested reading and viewing for Modern Languages Cultural Studies modules

2021-22 Entrants

All of our degree programmes have a dedicated webpage, on which you will be able to see the names of all of the modules that you will take during your first year of study

Our module descriptions will give you a sense of the kinds of topics or concerns that you can look out for as you read/watch the suggested texts that we have listed below for you to begin exploring between now and the start of classes in early October. We have included one or two example texts from each module, to get you started. Do remember that in all classes these works will be contextualised for you – so if you find any of them a bit hard to grasp at first, don’t worry! You will be guided on how to meaningfully engage with primary and secondary study materials.

You are not expected to buy all of these texts, and there is no obligation or expectation that you will have completed all of this reading/viewing for when classes start in October. (In some cases only parts of some texts will be used, too – e.g. from edited volumes.) Nor is there is any specific work that you need to do before then – first sessions are always dedicated to introducing your modules’ topics and learning activities. But if you are excited to get started, then this list is a great place to begin!

We have included links to online retailers for suggested editions of, or for online access to, these works. Other useful resources for getting hold of books for Modern Languages students are abebooks and the European Bookshop. Doing research into the authors of the works, and into the broader topics that the works are about is another very useful way to begin exploring and getting a sense of the topics that we use them to teach.

We also recommend you explore the British CouncilInstitut Français, Instituto Italiano di cultura a Londra, and Instituto Cervantes, and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting for an abundance of cultural, linguistic and careers inspiration. In addition, Netflix, Amazon Prime, the BBC iPlayer and Channel 4’s All4 contain an increasing number of programmes in French, Italian and Spanish. So make the most of those, too!

Modules in French and Francophone Studies

FR1050 Introduction to French Studies

FR1027 Introduction to Francophonie

FR1014 Twentieth Century French Literature

Modules in Italian Studies

IT1028 Introduction to Italian Studies

  • Short Stories: Giovannni Verga, ‘Rosso Malpelo’, from the collection Vita dei Campi (1880), and Luigi Pirandello, ‘Marsina stretta’ / ‘The Tight Frock Coat’ (1901). Both found in the bilingual Italian/English collection Novelle Italiane/Italian Stories , edited by Robert A. Hall Jr.
  • Film: Roberto Rossellini, Roma città aperta / Rome Open City (1945)

IT1027 Italian Authors and Genres

IT1029 Italy since 1945

  • Documentary: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Comizi d’amore [Love meetings] (1964). This is available on YouTube
  • Film: Paolo Sorrentino, Il Divo (2008)

Modules in Spanish and Latin American Studies

SP1022 Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Studies

SP1031 Introduction to Latin American Literature and Film

SP1041 Introduction to Spanish Literature and Film

  • Play: Federico García Lorca, Yerma, (1934) (The link is to a bilingual Spanish/English edition)

Modules in Translation Studies

The Translation Studies team encourage you always to keep your eyes open for examples of the many ways that translation appears in our everyday lives – and to collect interesting examples and bring them to class for discussion!

TS1001 Introduction to Translating and TS1003 Introduction to Translation Studies

TS1002 Introduction to Interpreting

Videos on Interpreting

Modules in English (Modern Languages and English)

EN1020 The Novel Around the World

EN1050 Renaissance Drama: Shakespeare and his Contemporaries

EN1037 Describing Language

EN1040 History of the English Language

For this module, you can prepare by reading an engaging introduction to the topic, such as:

Modules in Management Studies (BA Modern Languages with Management)

MN1000 Management Theory and Debate

MN1010 Business Finance and Reporting

Modules in Politics (BA European Studies)

PL1012 Comparative European Politics

PL1015 The Global Cold War: International Relations 1945-1989 

PL1016 Order and Disorder: International Relations from 1989 to the Present

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