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What is mental health? 

Mind, the mental health charity, describes mental health as being ‘just like physical health: everybody has it and we need to take care of it’.  

Good mental health being ‘generally able to think, feel and react in the ways that you need and want to live your life’.   

Mental health is something that impacts the whole University community. We work to help you to make positive habits and choices for good mental health to enable you to be engaged in all parts of your student life. We’re also here to support you if you are finding this challenging. Common emotions which may affect your mental health include feeling isolated, lonely, anxious, stressed, loss or depressed. 

Healthy habits for positive mental health 

Sharing your feelings 

We have partnered with the NHS to provide you free access to togetherall. togetherall is a confidential, online mental health support community, run by trained professionals, and available 24/7. Register for togetherall – click the 'join us' button, then choose ‘I’m from a university or college’. Sign up with your University email address. 

Build positive mental health habits 

The MyWellbeing app (available for Apple and Android) empowers you to make positive healthy changes to your wellbeing, including habit tracker and podcasts. 

Get active 

The Sports and Active Life team have a range of activities to enjoy from home workouts to challenges and live fitness sessions. 


Get involved, learn new skills, try something new and have fun with our activities calendar


The NHS shares that acts of kindness can improve mental wellbeing by creating positive feelings, giving you a sense of purpose and helping you to connect. Big or small – such as phoning a friend, giving a compliment or volunteering – they all count. 

Be aware of the present moment 

Mindfulness involves being aware of the present moment rather than being caught up in thoughts about what has happened or what may happen. It's also about observing your thoughts and feelings without judgment. By taking a few moments for yourself, you can feel calmer, with more focus, and finding peace of mind. 

Mindfulness resources

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