Working on campus

Girl sat at a desk working on her laptop.We’ll look after each other 

We appreciate that some of you have been working on campus throughout the pandemic but for many of you this will not be something new. Whilst we’re excited at opening up campus, we know the pandemic is not over and your safety is at the heart of our decision making. In line with the Government approach, the emphasis is now on us as all as individuals to take responsibility for our health and safety and that of the wider community. Find out what this means for you in our guiding principles document (log-in required) and on our health, safety and wellbeing pages. Neale Goff, Director of Health and Safety Services, has produced a video (log-in required) outlining what has been put in place across the University to ensure your safety.

You should continue to work with your current arrangements unless informed otherwise by your line manager. There will be a gradual return over the coming months. If you haven't returned yet, you don’t need to complete a checklist or any training before coming back. Working with you so you feel comfortable, whether you can’t wait to see your colleagues again or have anxieties, is our top priority. We’re focusing on continuing to keep campus clean and well ventilated too. 

Following our return to campus questionnaire we are developing resources including briefing sessions, tours, wellbeing support and virtual cafes to ensure you feel safe and knowledgeable about returning. Communication with you and your colleagues by your managers is encouraged to address any local concerns or queries.

Find out more information on the local COVID-19 situation on Leicester City Council's webpages.

Welcome to WorkSmart  

The way that professional services staff work at the University is changing, too. We’re launching WorkSmart (log-in required), our name for agile working. This means that some staff will no longer have a fixed, permanent desk on campus, but work in a blended way – some days remotely, some days on campus. It gives staff more flexibility in balancing work and life, and the choice to work in a way that suits the activities they’re doing that day.