Travel is an important part of the University experience and one that has been most affected by the pandemic. 

UK travel 

On the whole, there will be no restrictions for UK travel but COVID-19 remains a cause for concern and contingency plans will be required for if a person on the trip becomes infected, a particular concern when groups of students are away on a field trip.   

International travel 

International travel remains highly uncertain and subject to disruption. 

It has been asked by the Department for Education that all non-essential travel be avoided until at least September 2021. 

The process by which UK and international travel should be planned, approved and arranged is set down in the policy and procedure document UHSP-06C: Off Campus Work and Study During the COVID-19 pandemic (log-in required). The policy and related pro forma can be found on the Health and Safety Services MyWorkSpace site (log-in required)

We will be reviewing our procedures with regard international travel as the landscape changes.