Research on campus

Male student in science lab, holding flask, with shelves of chemical bottles in foreground. Research activities on campus have continued safely throughout the pandemic, although some areas of research have had much more limited access to facilities than others. As restrictions diminish further, and the remaining buildings reopen, we are moving back to a situation where you take personal responsibility for ensuring that your activity, whether it be in laboratory or other setting, meets expectations regarding health and safety and that appropriate risk assessments are in place. Guidance on any COVID-19 related mitigations required in specific settings (e.g. indoor spaces with more than a small group of people) is being developed. Staff and PGR students no longer need to undertake training or complete a checklist before returning to campus. 

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PGR induction arrangements - 2021/22

  • The Doctoral College welcome and main student induction is virtual and scheduled for Wednesday 29 September (afternoon).
  • Full recordings of the induction and further resources will be available on Blackboard.
  • College level inductions will be virtual and are scheduled to follow on from the Doctoral College welcome; these will be run by the College PGR Directors
  • School/Department inductions for campus-based PGR students can be face-to-face but a virtual option must be available for those unable to attend. These inductions should be organised by PGR Tutors.

PGR supervision meetings and on-campus study

Individual supervision meetings between campus-based PGR students and their supervisors should be face-to-face where possible. All full-time students must meet their supervisor once per month and all part-time students meet every two months. It is the responsibility of the PGR student to take the lead in arranging supervision meetings. Small group meetings with other campus-based PGR students in disciplinary groups (such as 'lab' or reading groups) should be encouraged.

Contacts for research related help and support

Directors of Operations

Deans of Research

Pre-award (research bids and agreements)

Post-award (research grants and finance)

PGR and ECR advice and support

Research and business development