Health, safety and wellbeing

illustration of a heart with a beat showing insideYour health, safety and wellbeing continues to be at the heart of every decision we make. We have been preparing – and continue to do so – for many months and still work closely with the local public health team to monitor the local situation and to respond if necessary. We are moving forward with a cautious but positive response, in line with Government guidance.

Details on how the University is interpreting Government guidance and the measures we have implemented to keep you safe are on our health and safety MyWorkspace site (log-in required) and our health and safety MyWorkspace site (log-in required). On these pages you will find:

More information can be found on the health and wellbeing and the occupational health MyWorkspace pages (log-in required).

An individual clinically vulnerability risk assessment form (log-in required) is available. You can work with your manager to identify specific measures required you can remain safe and confident to return. 

Lifting restrictions does not mean that the risks from COVID-19 have disappeared. The Department for Education issued guidance to maintain some protective measures whilst maximising attendance and minimising disruption to education and research without, as far as possible, restrictions. We are working closely with the local public health team and have updated our risk assessments to reduce the risk of transmission as much as possible. The University’s COVID-19 Operational Group continues to meet to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and students is in constant review. 

We are keeping some measures in place, including the provision of hand sanitiser and wearing of face coverings in crowded spaces. We will remain flexible and able to reintroduce safety measures quickly if required. Students are being asked to wear masks in crowded spaces and teaching spaces, unless exempt.    

In line with the Government approach, the emphasis is now on us as all as individuals to take responsibility for our health and safety and that of the wider community. Be kind and patient – we’re all in this together. 

We recommend that you continue to: 

  • book your COVID-19 vaccinations – all adults in can now do so.
  • have lateral flow tests, twice a week. You can pick home-testing kits up from the reception desks of the Fielding Johnson Building, George Davies Centre and Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building (RKCSB), Monday to Friday, from 8.00am-6.00pm. They are also widely available from local pharmacies and can be ordered online from GOV.UK.
  • continue to socially distance wherever possible, although COVID-19 capacity limits in rooms are no longer in effect.
  • wear face masks in face to face teaching and crowded spaces (if able to do so).
  • wash your hands regularly – there are hand sanitiser stations across campus.
  • meet in well ventilated areas where possible - open all windows in any room you're in and keep them open.
  • scan into buildings using the NHS app where asked to using the QR codes displayed.
  • if you develop symptoms whilst on campus, inform your line manager and go home. Arrange a PCR test and follow test and trace requirements for a positive or negative test result. 
  • stay at home, follow Government advice to self-isolate, and report to us if you display COVID-19 symptoms or have a positive test. 
  • check in on SafeZone whenever you are on campus.

We’re listening to the comments you made in our return to campus questionnaire. It’s normal to feel anxious about returning after a long period of time. We have got lots of wellbeing support in place as university staff member as well as our occupational health services (log-in required).

We will continue to ensure we maintain high standards of hygiene and ventilation. Our mechanical ventilation has been assessed by experts and where improvements were required they have been made or the room taken out of use. Ventilation is one of the controls we are focusing on to ensure our teaching environments are COVID-19 safe. You can see the type of ventilation that is in place (log-in required) along with an indication of room capacities. If you have any concerns about this report to the ECS service desk on 0116 252 2319.