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Undergraduate applicants

Offer Holder Days for 2021 applicants

We’re busy planning our Offer Holder Days for 2021. We know that choosing a university is a big decision in your life and we’re working hard on an exciting programme to offer you the support you need to make your choice – and to show off why we think Leicester is the place for you!

Different to our Open Days, our Offer Holder Days give you the chance to find more about your course in depth. You will be able to chat to students, join in some taster lectures and fun activities, and talk to the people who will be teaching you next year. 

Whether our events are in-person or virtual, you can be sure of a warm Leicester welcome so please do make sure you join us. Keep an eye on your inbox for your invite.

Are we making offers and accepting new applications?

We are, of course, still open to receive applications and our admissions team is hard at work ensuring we continue to process applications and support your application as normal. As you may already be aware, UCAS announced on the 5th of January 2021 that they have extended the equal consideration deadline to 29 January 2021, meaning you now have an extra two weeks to submit your application. So if you or your school need time to make any refinements to your application prior to submission, whether it is to update your reference or your choices, now is the time to do it!

We are closely monitoring any announcements by both UCAS and the government to ensure we give you the most up to date information. As new information emerges, we update this webpage so please do check back here regularly to check for updates.

If you have any questions or concerns about your application please contact us at

How are interviews being conducted with applications this year?

Interviews will still take place but will be conducted remotely. Further details will be sent to you by the interviewing school once they have assessed your application.

What happens now that exams have been cancelled?

We have been advised that exams in the UK will be cancelled with alternative arrangements put in place using teacher assessed grades as an alternative.

We are awaiting further guidance from the government. The University will keep up to date with developments so that we can work with you as much as possible to limit disruption to your future plans.

Please do refer back to this website for further guidance as and when government plans are announced. Most importantly, please try not to worry. We will do our utmost to support you.

Will you have places in Clearing this year?

Places available in Clearing are assessed in the summer so please check our website for further details. You can however, apply now to the University for 2021 entry.

When is the UCAS deadline?

The UCAS January equal consideration deadline is the point by which the vast majority of applications are submitted and has now been moved to Friday 29 January at 18:00 (UK time), to allow both students and their teachers and advisers additional time to complete applications and references.

Keep in Touch

If you have any questions or queries about studying with us, we’re here for you with our Unibuddy platform hosted by current students and members of the admissions and recruitment team are also available for you if you have any questions or queries.


Phone: 0116 252 5281

WhatsApp: 0774 1234 273

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