Vaccination and Testing

FAQs about vaccination and testing for international applicants.

Do I need to be vaccinated to enter into UK?

No, you don’t currently need to be vaccinated to enter the UK, but you do need to make sure you are aware of current guidelines for travel on the UK Government website including testing and quarantine requirements.

As an international student, will I have access to a vaccination in the UK?

Yes, you will have access to a vaccination in the UK under the National Health Service (NHS). You can find details of all the NHS services available to international students on the UK council for International Students website .

The UK is delivering vaccines in order of priority groups (by age and medical condition) and you will be offered a vaccination once you are eligible.  Check the NHS Coronavirus vaccination webpages for full up to date information.

What if I have had one dose of a Covid vaccination in my home country? Can I have the second in the UK?

The vaccination program in the UK is well advanced. Once you become eligible for a vaccination in the UK you will be able to access a second dose of a suitable vaccination. The UK government provides detailed advice on eligibility (by age and medical condition), types of vaccine and solutions for those who have had their first dose either in a different country, or of a vaccination type not available in the UK please refer to the NHS website for guidance on vaccines.

Do I have to get tested before I leave my country/after I enter the UK?

Please refer to the latest government guidance and ensure you read and understand these rules before you travel.

Can I take a regular Covid test once I am living in the UK?

Yes the National Health Service (NHS) provides test kits free of charge and the UK government encourages twice weekly testing – the tests can be collected at a local pharmacy or delivered to your home address and are free of charge. See the government website for more details and to order tests after you arrive.

What happens if I catch Covid?

You will need to follow the UK Government guidelines for testing and self-isolation which can be found on the government website.

If you require medical help this can be sought from the National Health Service (NHS) – check out the UK Council for International Students for a full explanation of your entitlement to healthcare under the NHS.

We recommend that all students register with a local ‘GP’ Doctor on arrival as this is the primary route which we use to access non-emergency medical care in the UK.

Can you provide more details about the vaccine centre on campus?

Visit the Life at Leicester vaccination page for more information.