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Information for 2022/23 starters

Whether you already have an offer to study with us, or are looking make an application, please find information below for those wishing to join us at Leicester Law School from September.

Any questions? Send us an email or chat to our staff or students.

Browse some of the commonly asked questions about joining us at Leicester in September.

Application and admissions


How do I apply to study on a Leicester Law degree?

I am finishing my education over the summer. Can I still apply?

Yes. You can apply for 2022 entry via UCAS now and we will consider your application based on your pending results.

If you miss the UCAS deadline, when you have your results email admissions@le.ac.uk and we will advise you.

Once your place is confirmed we will send you all the information you need to start your studies.


How do I accept my offer?

Accept your offer via the UCAS system before the deadline. 

If you applied to us directly, email admissions@le.ac.uk.

You should then sign in to our MyStudentRecord system to confirm your personal details and upload a photo.


I’ve declined my place at Leicester but now want to join the course after all. What do I do?

Contact us at admissions@le.ac.uk to let us know you would still like to choose Leicester.

We will advise on the next steps.

I’ve missed the deadline for acceptance of my offer, can I still come?

Your deadline to accept is based on when you get the last decision from your universities. Check your application to see your personal deadline.

Don’t worry if you don't accept before the 2022 deadline. Contact us on admissions@le.ac.uk to let us know you would still like to choose Leicester.

We will advise you on what next steps should be.

Can I defer my place?

Yes, you can defer by emailing admissions@le.ac.uk. However, if you change your mind again and want to start in the forthcoming academic year, let us know.

Where can I find information on obtaining a visa?

I need a visa to study in the UK. Can I arrive in Leicester during the fall /autumn in the middle of the semester?

No. Your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter will include a latest arrival date.

Are there any scholarships?

Leicester Law School have regular scholarships for our Canadian and Malaysian applicants. We also have a generous package of University of Leicester scholarships.

If I come to the UK can I get a COVID vaccination?

Yes, if you register with the NHS you will be able to arrange your vaccinations for free.

Do you offer Canadian Law modules?

We offer two Canadian Law modules Foundations of Canadian Law and Canadian Constitutional Law. These are available on the JD Pathway and the LLB. Canadian Constitutional Law is available on the Graduate Entry LLB.

If you want to practice law in Canada after your LLB, you must pass a series of exams set by the Canadian National Accreditation Committee (NCA) and a ‘National Requirement’ for a legal research test at a Canadian law school. The NCA will not accredit any law modules taken outside of Canada, however our Canadian Law modules follow a syllabus based on the NCA requirements so will prepare you for the exams.

Discover more about the NCA certificate of accreditation.

Can you help with my career in Canada?

Yes. We have an annual Canadian Law Fair which includes members of our alumni who have a variety of legal roles in the UK and Canada. We also have careers tutors and Canadian Law Tutors with specialist knowledge.

Teaching and learning


How do the classes and learning work in Leicester Law School?

Our lectures introduce you to topics but tutorials are where the real engagement happens. This is where you do most of your learning in small groups of students that you prepare for independent study.

We have a variety of other learning events and activities including bite-size lecture recordings, online self-assessments and problem-solving activities.

Teaching staff offer assistance on a one-to-one or group basis during ‘Office and Feedback Hours’.

How much time will I spend in class?

Like most law schools you will spend about 10 to 12 hours a week in class. This includes lectures and small group tutorials. We think this is the best way to learn about law and develop legal skills.

This learning takes up about two-thirds of your week. The other third can be spent working, socialising and developing transferable legal skills in the award-winning Leicester University Law Society and on pro bono Projects or exploring other opportunities at the University and in the city.

How will I access course books online?

The specialist law librarian and tutors provide links to the various ebooks which the University subscribe to and you can access our reading lists online.

If you want a physical book wait until the start of term as the University often arranges special deals and there is no pre-reading for your modules.

The textbooks for our Canadian law modules are not available to the University as ebooks but you can purchase them directly from the publisher’s website.

Accommodation and student life


What’s next after accepting my offer?

If I change my mind about delaying arrival because it is easier to travel closer to September will I be able to find accommodation?

There is guaranteed accommodation for on-campus students who accept their place at University and apply for accommodation before 1 September. 

Visit our accommodation pages.

Can I move into accommodation if my flight means I will arrive in Leicester at night?

Yes, the accommodation reception is open 24/7. Private landlords may not allow out of office arrivals so you should check your flight arrival times.

If the UK is operating a quarantine system when I arrive, will the self-isolation period mean I have to arrive in Leicester two weeks before lectures begin?

We recommend that you arrive two weeks early to ensure that you can start your study on campus. We will update this if the government advice changes.

The accommodation team can help you to arrange this.


Can I get involved in courtroom advocacy or mooting and pro bono activities?

All students can (and are encouraged to) take part in our competitions such as client interviewing, mooting or negotiation. 

You can also join one of our many Pro Bono projects to gain legal experience working in the wider community.

What societies are there?

We have two very active award-winning law societies, the University of Leicester Pro Bono Society and the University of Leicester Law Society.

A full list of student societies is available on the Student Union website - and if you can't see one that interests you, you can start your own!

Is there a recommended way for converting my country's currency to UK pounds?

There are many conversion sites and phone apps including XE to choose from. Please be aware that market rates may not match in store prices or rates offered by currency exchange companies. We recommend that you open a UK bank account after you arrive on campus, or use a bank that will not charge you for international transactions. 

Can you help me get work placements?

From the first year to the final year there are opportunities to win placements across a range of modules and competitions. A specialist Law Careers Tutors is also available.

Law placements tend to range from one to a few weeks giving you a range of different experiences. You can also work in our Legal Advice Clinic and other pro bono projects.

Do you keep in touch with your alumni?

We have over a thousand alumni across Canada and hold several events during the year in major Canadian cities. Our new graduates are able to meet the members of the alumni and there are lots of opportunities for networking and to get advice. We also keep in touch with our Canadian alumni on LinkedIn.

Our Future Students Officer Kristin Loong runs our Malaysian alumni chapter. There are alumni events and the opportunity to network and get advice from wide-ranging members of our alumni. You can join this group when you join the Law School. We also have an active Malaysian LinkedIn group to stay in touch.

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