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India FlagThe Punjabi language represents one of the major linguistic groups worldwide. With more than 125 million speakers worldwide, it may not come as a surprise that it is the third most spoken language in Leicester. The region of Punjab is located in Asia across two countries, comprising the northwest of India and the middle east part of Pakistan. Its name means "the land of the rivers". Perhaps because of its fertile grounds, Punjab has an ancient and reach history. It is the cradle of one of the most ancient cultures of South Asia, the Harappa or Indus Valley civilisation. Punjab is famous for its agriculture, festivals, gurudwaras, Punjabi folk dances and exquisite cuisine. Learning Punjabi will enable you to engage with large sections of the Leicester community in a meaningful manner.

Apply for Punjabi Beginners Level 1 (Next course is due to take place in Autumn 2023. Course will be confirmed and published on 1 August 2023)

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