Welcome to WorkSmart

At the University of Leicester, our name for agile working is WorkSmart. WorkSmart brings people, processes, technology, time and place together to find the most flexible, effective and efficient ways of working. It involves working differently, focusing on performance and outcomes for the University, as well as behaving differently. It involves trusting and empowering employees to support their work-life balance in a transformational way.

Your working day, in your hands

Staff who are in a WorkSmart role will split their work life between working remotely and working on campus. When working remotely, you'll have all the digital equipment you need to work efficiently in the space you have available - a laptop, a monitor, or maybe even two, and a headset to keep calls private. WorkSmart enables the University to foster a working culture focused more on outcomes rather than staff being present in a particular space.

When you do to come onto campus, you can do so with purpose, using one of our dedicated WorkSmart spaces, each designed with a different working activity in mind. You'll choose which one to use based on the activities you're doing on campus that day - from deep focus, to collaboration and socialising. Each zone will have a different atmosphere, different furniture and different equipment based on the type of work it was intended for.

The WorkSmart handbook

Discover more about WorkSmart in our WorkSmart handbook. If you're an existing member of staff, you'll be able to explore the links through your University login. And if you're just curious to learn more, have a read and if you have any questions get in touch with us at

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