International Women's Day 2022

Tuesday 8 March

Women in Space: On the Ground and Heading for the Stars

11.00am, Space Park Leicester, room 0.03

Join Sue Nelson in celebrating some of the incredible engineers, programmers, mission scientists and astronauts within the global space industry from 1950s to today.

66 Days To Your Debut

12.15pm - 1.15pm, Eventbrite

On International Women's Day 2022, the theme is BREAK THE BIAS. There have been many campaigns recently to get more female performers at music festivals; often the organisers say that there aren't many women in bands. 

This project, which started in Leicester, and has now spread across the UK and beyond says that ordinary women can get involved in music - as a hobby, a creative pursuit or to make a challenge to the male dominated industry. Our diverse voices, our cool music tastes and our many years of ordinary life help to create songs that are astoundingly fresh, authentic and wise. 

Hear our stories, watch us rock!

66 Days To Your Debut will be a collaborative performance by local women, including: 

  • Velvet Crisis: A 5-piece band of beginner women of all ages who have now all started writing their own songs - this will be their first gig.
  • Dada Women: A 5-piece art-rock band of women who are complete beginners - this will be their first gig.
  • The Verinos: The first band to form under the unglamorous music banner - some of the band will be performing.
  • Chrissie and the Start-Ups: A band of complete beginner women who have only had three rehearsals and never played a live show before.
  • Caroline McLavy: A more experienced solo performer with Electronic Dance Music backing. 

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Women’s Forum

1.00pm - 2.00pm, Microsoft Teams

The Women’s Forum supports the work and careers of those who identify as women at the University of Leicester. There are still a range of women-specific challenges in higher education that result in women not participating and advancing their careers on an equal footing with men. The Women’s Forum was set up in 2014 to help overcome these challenges.

Our Forum focuses on information, inspiration and voice. Its meetings provide a platform for staff to raise and discuss women-specific issues of working in higher education and to feed these issues into conversations across the University. Beyond its meetings, the Women’s Forum initiates and organises events and activities aimed at supporting women at the University. A more defined programme is currently being developed and key themes are likely to be career support, mentoring, leadership and improving everyday working practices. We work in collaboration with the University of Leicester’s other women-focused initiatives such as Athena Swan and Women Leading with Purpose. The Women’s Forum recognises the important role of men in making higher education a more equal workplace and welcomes men to many of its activities.

If you would like to attend our Women’s Forum Meeting on International Women’s Day or to be added to the mailing list, please email co chair Kelly McCormack on

  • This event is open to staff only.

Women in Theresienstadt: A New History of Gender and the Holocaust

5.30pm - 7.00pm

The Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies is hosting a Hybrid Book Talk given by Dr Anna Hájková, Associate Professor of Modern Continental European History at the University of Warwick, on 'Women in Theresienstadt: A New History of Gender and the Holocaust'. 

Terezín, as it was known in Czech, or Theresienstadt, as it was known in German, was operated by the Nazis between November 1941 and May 1945 as a transit ghetto for Central and Western European Jews before their deportation for murder in the East. Today, Theresienstadt is best known for the Nazi propaganda of the International Red Cross visit, cultural life, and children. But these aspects explain little what defined the lives of its 140,000 inmates. The Last Ghetto offers both a modern history of this Central European ghetto and the first in-depth analytical history of a prison society during the Holocaust. Gender was one of the most important categories of the inmate society in Terezín. The ways people understood belonging, propriety, and kinship was profoundly gendered. Over the past twenty years, questions about women and the Holocaust have become the most inspirational for Holocaust studies. On the International Women’s Day, Anna Hájková will offer insights on the experience and coping strategies of women in Theresienstadt prisoner society.

The event will take place in online and on campus. To attend, either virtually or in person, please sign up via the Eventbrite page.

Full Circle - An Evening with Esua Jane Goldsmith

6.00pm - 8.30pm, Attenborough Arts Centre

"Full Circle" - Esua Jane Goldsmith talks about how her time in Leicester University in the 1970s shaped her personal and political journey, and connections with the social justice movements of today. In celebration of Leicester University Centenary 1921-2021 and International Women's Day 8 March 2022.

Join us for an one hour author event and illustrated talk featuring readings form Esua’s recent memoir, The Space Between Black and White. The talk and readings will focus on Esua’s time at Leicester, during which she was the first woman of colour to be elected President of the Students Union. She will talk about how and why the book was written, about mixed-race identity, and about feminism. She will also address contemporary issues such as the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, the pandemic and the climate crisis. The talk and book reading will highlight the importance of Black writing and need for more published Black stories.

Esua Jane Goldsmith - a British-Ghanaian Feminist author, campaigner, and facilitator, and Director and founder of Anona Development Consultancy. She has worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 40 years with more than 100 organisations on five continents, as leader, Chair, Director, and consultant. In 2015 Leicester University awarded her an Honorary Doctorate for her lifetime’s work in Women’s Rights. Her Mixed-Race Memoir, the Space Between Black and White, was published in 2020 #twentyin2020

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This event will take place at Attenborough Arts Centre, with free parking in the next door medical building during evenings. View location on our campus map.

Find out more information on Esua Jane Goldsmith and the University of Leicester's Centenary.

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