The best of both, live and in-person

Your learning experience


Small group teaching, including seminars, tutorials and personal learning, will be delivering in person where at all possible, while larger lectures may have to be run online. Only new Government rules will prevent practical lab work from continuing. Unless there is some reason why you can’t be on campus, such as quarantine, self-isolation or travel restrictions, you will be expected to attend. 


Most of your assessments and exams will be done online (except lab-based practical assessments). Some externally accredited courses require formal exams in order to comply with the conditions of accreditation; these will go ahead but in a controlled, COVID-safe way. 

Contact hours 

Precise contact hours this year will vary from course to course, just as they did before the pandemic. The volume of contact hours will vary from course to course and week to week, you should visit the course page for your chosen subject to see the broad methods of teaching that you will experience and what a typical week might look like. In addition to the core in person contact time, your contact time may also include additional blended learning activities delivered online.  

Year Abroad 

We will do everything we can to ensure that study abroad opportunities go ahead, but in each case, we will have to comply not only with the UK Government’s travel guidelines but also with those of the destination country. 

Year in Industry 

As with Years Abroad, we will do our very best to ensure that work placements happen as planned, but again this cannot be guaranteed. If a physical placement is not possible, it may be possible work remotely on a virtual placement. At all times, the University will comply with regulations and guidelines imposed by the UK and other governments. 

Field courses 

Field courses will go ahead if practical and safe, so are very much dependent on Government guidelines, both national and local. International field courses will also need to take account of travel guidelines. Where an advertised field course is not available, we will do our best to organise an alternative. 

On-campus safety 

Our COVID-safe campus has undergone a lot of work, not just adapting existing facilities but also feeding the requirements of the ‘new normal’ into campus developments such as our refurbished Students’ Union. At all times, the safety of our students, staff and visitors is paramount. 

Student support 

We are all still adjusting to the changes that the pandemic has made (and will continue to make) to our world. All our student support services are available to help you with any problems or concerns you may have, whether those relate to COVID, Ignite, health, finance, accommodation, IT issues or just getting used to University life. Your Personal Tutor will also be available to support you, in person or online. 

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