The best of both, live and in-person


Designed for the current environment

Ignite is our flexible approach to learning and teaching. Due to the pandemic we need to ensure that we continue to be flexible and adaptable in response to Government guidelines. 

Adaptable to all future scenarios 

The University has prepared strategies for three different scenarios. If there are limited/varied restrictions and the direction of key health trends is uncertain, there will be some small group teaching but large lectures will be run online, with a phased return to campus and halls. 

If public health restrictions were to be re-imposed – which cannot be completely discounted – then most teaching would move online and most campus facilities would be closed or restricted to essential use.  

In the event that all restrictions are removed later in the year we would return as much teaching as practical to a fully opened campus, but with some use of Ignite blended learning where appropriate. 

As Government guidelines are introduced, changed or withdrawn, the amount of online teaching we deliver will adjust accordingly. Our focus is to ensure small group teaching, including seminars, tutorials and personal learning is delivering in person where at all possible, while larger lectures may have to be run online. Only new Government rules will prevent practical lab work study continuing.   

At the heart of our research-led education strategy 

As the University of Leicester enters its second century, our University Strategy has blended learning at its heart. With more than 30 years’ experience of delivering distance learning to students across the globe, we are uniquely positioned to adapt our on-campus courses to a flexible and blended approach. 

Constantly monitored and carefully managed 

We will use a combination of in person and online teaching and learning to offer the best possible student experience. Any changes to course provision for the 2021/22 academic year which vary from those originally advertised, due to changes in Government guidance and/or how the university has had to adapt in a COVID-secure environment, will have been approved through the University’s quality assurances process.  

We will keep you up to date with our educational planning, the changes already made, and those that we may need to make in the future so that you can make informed decisions about your studies. Please contact your School/Department in the first instance about any changes to your course. 

Drawing on real-world experience 

Everything we learned from our original ignite scheme in 2020/21 has fed into the new version of ignite. No-one can predict the future, but we can predict that if developments require the University to limit or restrict in-person teaching in any way, we are fully prepared. 

What are the benefits of blended learning?  

Blended learning provides a blend of in person and online learning within a single course.  

This will combine pre-prepared non-interactive content accessed online such as recorded lectures, presentations on key concepts and recorded debates with pre-prepared interactive content accessed online such as quizzes, self-tests, scenario simulations, then synchronous interactive content and study support accessed online and in person such as seminars, webinars, workshops, Q&A sessions.  

Ignite is our blended way of learning, it has a number of benefits for you:

  1. You will have a fresh blended learning experience especially created to suit you and the subject you are studying;
  2. Meet and make friends for life, in person and online, from day one at university;
  3. Enables students and academics to connect and engage wherever you are;
  4. Outstanding student support, both online and in person, which helps you to succeed;
  5. Flexible accommodation options to help you manage the cost of university and find a package to meet your needs.

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