Arriving in Leicester and quarantine arrangements

How will I travel safely from the airport to my accommodation?

To make your journey to Leicester as simple as possible, we will be offering an airport pick-up service in January to take you direct from the arrivals lounge to your University halls of residence. The service will operate from London Heathrow. Due to regular changes in travel restrictions because of COVID-19, we have not yet finalised the dates and times of the airport pick-ups, however, we hope to be able to open bookings in late November.

Airport pickups will run again in September 2021, with bookings opening in April 2021.

Will there be any health testing required before I can commence my studies?

 We will follow all UK Government recommendations for both students residing in the UK and inbound students from overseas.

How will the orientation programme be delivered?

Welcome to our World orientation and Welcome Week will be delivered virtually in Autumn 2020, with a small selection of on-campus events.

As we are in unusual times orientation and welcome will instead become a 9-month programme of activity to ensure we create a strong and vibrant student community.

Will I need to be in quarantine for 14 days when I arrive? How can I do this? What's the arrangement? Any extra cost?

If you have travelled from outside the UK, and have to go into quarantine, for that period we will put you in a flat with other students who travelled with you with no more than three students per flat.

We will keep in touch regularly to check everything is okay. We will ensure that you have access to food, bedding, toiletries etc. No-one will enter your flat during your quarantine period, except for emergencies.

After your quarantine period, we will assign you to your regular accommodation with other students. There will be no extra cost, the period of let will include the quarantine. When a student who is not resident in the UK books accommodation, if they are still required to quarantine, the University will build this into your arrival period so they can quarantine with us. This will be updated in-line with UK Government advice as and when it changes. It is advised that you allow for time to quarantine when booking your flights.