The Hodgkinson Group


March 2020

  • The group published its first research paper in the epigenetics field. "PROTAC-mediated degradation of class I histone deacetylase enzymes in corepressor complexes" in Chem. Commun. An excellent team-paper, headed by J. Smalley, supported by J. Norris and our collaborators in the Cowley and Schwabe groups at LISCB.
  • Lab shuts due to COVID-19 pandemic.

January 2020

  • Dr Jasmine Cross, ESPRC funded Postdoc, will join the group and grow the epigenetic research within the group.

November 2019

  • James Hodgkinson travels to Dalian International Institute to undergo teaching of organic chemistry.

October 2019

  • New cohort of MChem students join the group. Liam Lewis will develop our research on HDAC heterobifunctional molecules. Wiktoria Pytel aims to expand our work on antibacterial siderophore conjugates.

August 2019

  • James Norris is recognised as Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) for his work in undergraduate laboratories and mathematics workshops.

July 2019

  • Tangela Chowdery and Georgia Ceeney successfully graduate as masters of chemistry.
  • James Norris represents the group at the inaugural ChemBiOx meeting, a student led conference at the University of Oxford.

June 2019

  • James Norris attends the SCI’s Fine Chemicals Group event ‘Targeting the Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway II.’
  • MSc student Nishal Kamble joins the group (antibacterials).

March 2019

  • The group was awarded a £250,000 grant from the EPSRC, to employ a Postdoc to further the groups work on epigenetics.

January 2019

  • MSc student Alex Brown successfully graduates.

October 2018

  • PhD student Stuart Hodgkinson joins the group (antibacterials).
  • MChem students Tangela Chowdery (epigenetics) and Georgia Ceeney (epigenetics/antibacterials) join the group.

September 2018

  • Joshua Smalley re-joins the group as a PhD student (epigenetics).
  • Dr Hodgkinson, James Norris (PhD) and Josh Smalley (PhD) attend Chemical Biology Meets Drug Discovery 2018 Conference at GSK, Stevenage.
  • Dr Hodgkinson presents his work on siderophores at Gregynog synthesis workshop in Wales along with Dr Richard Doveston and Dr Alex Pulis.

July 2018

  • Hodgkinson Group members James Norris (PhD) and Josh Smalley (MChem) present poster at the Joseph Banks Symposium of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry.
  • MChem students Joshua Smalley, Lori Green and Alisha Mohindra successfully graduate. Joshua won The Sarah Drabble Award for the best undergraduate research project.

June 2018

  • Josh Smalley collects runner-up prize at SCI National Undergraduate Symposium in Liverpool for a presentation of his MChem project, titled ‘Design and Synthesis of PROTACs for Targeted Degradation of Epigenetic Regulators’- undertaken as part of the Hodgkinson Group.

May 2018

  • MSc student Alex Brown joins the group.

December 2017

  • Collaborator Professor Shaun Cowley presents epigenetic group research at the ELRIG networking event: “PROTACs – An exciting therapeutic modality” at Alderley Park Conference Centre.

October 2017

  • PhD student James Norris joins the group (epigenetics).
  • MChem students Joshua Smalley (epigenetics), Lori Green (epigenetics) and Alisha Mohindra (antibacterials) join the group.

May 2016

  • MSc Student Isobel Beard joins the group.

October 2016

  • MChem student Abed Trapeder joins the groups, to undertake a project on the preliminary work on the synthesis of Phenothiazine Siderophore Conjugates (antibacterials).

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