University Fellows and Honorary Visiting Staff

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Name Responsibility Telephone Email
Nigel Aston  Honorary Fellow  5939 
Estherine Adams  Honorary Visiting Fellow 
Julie Attard  Honorary Fellow in the Centre of English Local History
Stuart Ball            Emeritus Professor of Modern British History
Claire Breay Head of Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts at the British Library
Queenela Cameron Honorary Visiting Fellow
Gary Davies  Honorary Visiting Fellow
Martin Davies            Emeritus Reader in the History of the European Enlightenment
James Davey Honorary Visiting Fellow    
Anita Dockley  Honorary Visiting Fellow 
Chris Dyer Emeritus Professor of History 2765
Lucy Faire Honorary Fellow 2810
Peter Fearon            Emeritus Professor of Modern Economic and Social History 5718
Katherine Foxhall Honorary Lecturer
John Hinks Honorary Fellow
Norman Housley Emeritus Professor of History
Yuehan Hu  Honorary Research Fellow 
Mellissa Ifill  Honorary Visiting Fellow 
Peter Jones  Honorary Research Fellow
Shammane Joseph  Honorary Visiting Fellow 
Susan Kilby  Honorary Visiting Fellow 
Katy Layton-Jones  Honorary Fellow
David Manning Honorary Visiting Fellow
John Martin  Honorary Research Fellow
Jacquline Richards  Honorary Fellow     
Marylynn Rouse  Honorary Visiting Fellow 
Matthew Rowley Honorary Visiting Fellow
Marc Seeliger  Honorary Visiting Fellow 
Gurharpal Singh Honorary Visiting Fellow
Keith Snell  Emeritus Professor of History  
Steven Spencer Honorary Visiting Fellow 
Matthew Tompkins Honorary Fellow 229 7833
Andrew Watkins  Honorary Visiting Fellow
David Wilson Honorary Research Fellow
Emine Zeytinli Honorary Fellow 5854