Research Fellows and Associates

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Name Responsibility Telephone Email
Richard Anderson Commonwealth Rutherford Fellow
Richard Ansell British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow 2767
Julie Attard Project Development Officer - Charnwood Roots Project 5946
Kate Boehme Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Natalie Carter Research Fellow
Christian De Vito Research Associate
Pam Fisher Volunteer Co-ordinator - Leicestershire Victoria County History Trust  5722
Gavin Freeman Associate Lecturer
Sarah Goldsmith Leverhulme Early Career Fellow 223 1410
Jessica Hodgkinson
Network Facilitator - Insular Manuscripts AD 650-850
Colin Hyde Researcher and Outreach Officer - East Midlands Oral History Archive 5065
Susan Kilby Research Associate - Flood and Flow
Dr Peter Jones Research Associate
Kellie Moss Research Associate
Lorraine Paterson Research Associate - The Carceral Archipelago
Ismini Pells Project Manager/Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Welfare, Conflict and Memory