Professional services staff

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Name Responsibility Telephone Email
Andy Tams Operations Manager 2800
Paul Cutts Team Leader 223 1986
Sam Goodacre Business Administration Manager (Maternity Leave) 223 1986
Rachel Dawes School Administrator 2588
Bhavna Mistry School Administrator 2596
Amy Bentley  Taught Programmes Administrator   5009 
Emma Butler  Taught Programme Administrator  2702 
Zoe Clapton   Taught Programme Administrator  2707  
Lynne Wakefield Taught Programme Administrator 2803
Sarah Whitmore Taught Programme Administrator  2802
Anjula Mehra-Bhatia Research Programme Administrator 5081
Julie-ann Bateman Administrative Assistant 2151
Craig Morgan  Administrative Assistant  2714  
Krupa Raichura Gandecha  Administrative Assistant (Operations)  2587