There is growing evidence to show that levels of hate and extremism are rising across the UK and beyond, causing devastation to victims and their families and spreading mistrust within communities. Within a climate of heightened tensions and widening divisions, it is imperative that organisations across different sectors deliver effective, evidence-based responses to victims, perpetrators and wider communities.

We offer a range of flexible, interactive and tailored training packages and continuing professional development opportunities. We use our research expertise and teaching experience to deliver training that meets both yours and your employer's needs. All of our training is accredited by the University of Leicester.

Digital training

We have developed a suite of digital training units that will equip practitioners with the knowledge to develop sustainable responses to hate and extremism. The training:

  • Has been developed by world-leading hate crime experts
  • Offers evidence-based guidance drawn from contemporary research from across the world
  • Includes real life case studies and good practice recommendations
  • Has been rated as outstanding by previous learners
  • Is affordable, interactive and certified by the University of Leicester

We currently offer training on:

  • Engaging with Diverse Communities
  • Preventing Hate and Extremism
  • Supporting Child Victims of Trauma
  • Supporting Victims of Hate Crime

From October 2018 we will also offer training on:

  • Hate Crime in Higher Education
  • Hate Crime on Public Transport
  • Tackling Religiously Motivated Hate Crime
  • Challenging Online Hate

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Bespoke training

We recognise that different organisations require support, advice and training in different areas. For this reason we deliver bespoke training packages that are tailored to meet the needs of a specific organisation and the sector in which it operates.

Our training is designed to be different. We blend theory, research and practice to give you the knowledge that you need to engage with diverse communities, support victims and tackle hate.

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100% of delegates have rated our training 'Good' or 'Very Good'

We can deliver training on a range of different diversity and hate-related themes, including:

  • Engaging with diversity
  • Supporting victims of hate crime
  • Preventing hate and extremism

Training can be hosted at the University of Leicester or delivered in-house within your organisation.

All delegates receive a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Award of Completion from the University of Leicester to certify their attendance.

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"The training delivered to our senior leaders and frontline officers was really effective and has certainly made an impact in terms of people’s knowledge and understanding of such crimes."

Suzette Davenport (Former Chief Constable of Gloucestershire Constabulary)