The Harms of Hate - a short film

Through our research we have heard from thousands of people who have been victimised because of their identity or perceived ‘difference’. These experiences have taken many forms, from violent physical attacks to the more ‘everyday’ forms of harassment such as being called an abusive name, being spat at or being threatened. We have seen first-hand the significant physical and emotional impact that hate offences have on victims, families and communities.

The Harms of Hate won ‘Best Factual Programme’ at the Royal Television Society Awards 2014 and ‘Special Jury Award’ at the Learning On Screen Awards 2015.

This short film, The Harms of Hate, showcases the stories of seven people who have been victimised for different reasons and in a variety of ways.

The film highlights a number of themes, including:

  • The range of people affected by hate incidents
  • The different forms that hate incidents can take
  • The impact that hate incidents have on victims, their families and wider communities
  • The advice that these victims would offer to people suffering from similar experiences

The film has been shown in schools, colleges and universities, and used in training by criminal justice practitioners, educators and healthcare professionals around the world.

The Harms of Hate

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