The Centre for Hate Studies

Joanna Perry

Independent consultant 

Joanna Perry is an independent consultant with significant experience and expertise on international hate crime policy, law and practice. She is currently Senior Policy Researcher with Facing All the Facts and convenes Birkbeck College’s Department of Criminology's Masters module on hate crime. She is also research fellow at the Institute for Criminal Policy Research. She has previously held roles at Victim Support, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Office for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

She has recently completed projects for the Council of Europe, Crown Prosecution Service and Facing Facts Online, and is a standing member of the High Level Group on Racism and Xenophobia, coordinated by the European Commission, DG-JUSTICE. She was co-chair of the advisory board of the International Network for Hate Studies from 2015-2017 and holds postgraduate degrees in law and online learning.

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