Brand Guidelines


Our primary typeface is Maison Neue, a sans serif font and we use it in Book and Demi. It is a highly legible font and has a friendly, elegant appearance.

For system fonts (if you haven’t got Maison Neue) substitute Maison Neue for Arial Bold and Regular for headlines and body.

Our secondary typeface is Tiempos Headline, a serif font and we use it in Medium and Regular. A contemporary serif striking a balance between practicality and elegance.

For system fonts (if you haven’t got Tiempos Headline) substitute Tiempos Headline for Georgia Regular for sub headings.

All headlines are written in Maison Neue, Book or Demi in sentence case.

Please note: For headlines, if Maison Neue isn’t available please use Arial Bold.

Subheadings are written in Tiempos Headline, medium and regular and in sentence case. Please use the core grey colour where possible.

Please note: For subheadings, if Tiempos Headline medium / regular isn’t available please use Georgia Regular.

Standfirst is set in Tiempos Headline Light and if not available use Georgia Regular.

Body copy is set in Maison Neue Book and no smaller than 8.5 pt, if not available use Arial Regular.

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