Giving Prisoners 'A Second Chance'

How do you turn your life around when you’ve been written off by society? This is the challenge faced by prisoners who find themselves marginalised and stigmatised when they leave prison. Sadly, it is a challenge that many former prisoners struggle to overcome, leading them into a vicious cycle of reoffending. This vicious cycle not only costs society billions, but ruins the lives of victims, perpetrators and their families.

This free event will screen Rex Bloomstein’s new documentary, A Second Chance, which tells the heart-breaking and uplifting stories of prisoners trying to transform their lives, and the role that employment plays in helping prisoners escape a life of crime.

The documentary screening will be followed by a Q&A/panel discussion with Rex. This will allow attendees to learn more about Rex’s 40+ years filming and producing award-winning documentaries that touch on some of the most pressing social issues of our time (e.g. prisons, punishment, rehabilitation, the Holocaust and human rights).

The panel discussion will be lead by expert researchers, and employers and practitioners who work with offending populations. They will speak about the challenges of addressing reoffending, and will highlight how A Second Chance brings to life key issues that have been studied and written about for decades.

Ultimately, this event will challenge stereotypes regarding offending and offenders, and will address questions that are of fundamental importance to society, such as:

  • Can offenders be rehabilitated?
  • Should we try to rehabilitate offenders? Do they ‘deserve’ it?
  • What does punishment mean?
  • For a prisoner returning to society, how important is getting a job?
  • How does the label ‘offender’ stigmatise people, and what are the effects of this stigmatisation?