Climate Change and the City

Join us on a guided tour and learn all about the secret life of insects, how they are affected by climate change, and why they are important for the functioning of our city.

We are living at the time of the Anthropocene - a term coined by Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen. The Anthropocene describes the epoch of time during which human actions have had a drastic effect on the Earth, its ecosystems and climate, and on the very evolution of the geological strata. We are no longer living in the Holocene - the time of relative stability following the last ice age, during which human civilisation was able to develop. From changing landscapes, to perturbations of the Earth’s carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles - we are in the midst of clear and fundamentally human-driven changes to the Earth’s system, with long-term geological consequences.

This guided walking tour in the Arboretum will describe the Anthropocene phenomenon in relation to the life of insects and plants. We will tell stories about the lives of insects and other organisms, and show how studies on the Anthropocene have shaped and been shaped by modern production and consumption systems.