Cannabis - is it Just a Plant?

Saturday 7 November

'Cannabis – is it just a plant?’ is a unique series of one-day online events that will reframe the discourse of cannabis through the lens of social science. The current debate about cannabis has focused on regulation and access to medical cannabis but our discussion will explore the broader social science context.

This inter-disciplinary event will feature academics in archaeology, human geography, linguistics and anthropology who will reframe cannabis within the context of human-plant interactions. 

The recent discovery of cannabis in a shrine in Israel provided the first archaeological evidence of the ancient religious use of cannabis as an entheogen. Dr Yewande Okuleye, who will lead this event, was recently interviewed by the BBC about the discovery, which will be our entry point to explore how archaeological evidence contests contemporary understanding about cannabis. Most importantly, this event shines a spotlight on the multiple uses the of cannabis plant. Examples include industrial hemp (hempcrete, fibre, food), cannabis as a medicine and the newest category, CBD as a food supplement.  

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