A Window on the World of Healthcare

Join us for an event showcasing how social scientists study the delivery, organisation and experience of healthcare through a method called ethnography. TV series such as ‘One Born Every Minute’, ‘24 hours in A&E’ and ‘GPs behind closed doors’ are incredibly popular because they provide a rich understanding of work inside hospitals and surgeries, and the human side of care delivery.

As ethnographers, we get to observe the day to day practice of nurses and doctors in healthcare settings – rather like the view the audience gets when they watch these shows. The difference is that we use these observations as data for research. Ethnographic methods allow us to understand work as it happens, as opposed to reports after the event (such as via surveys or interviews). Observations can generate new understandings and uncover important issues that staff themselves do not notice, or take for granted. These understandings can inform efforts to improve the quality and safety of healthcare.

Come and learn about how we do this in different settings, and chat to researchers about what we have learnt, and the challenges and opportunities that this work brings.

The event will be interactive, using film, exhibits and hands-on experience of observing in healthcare settings to bring ethnography to life. It will also enable you to understand how social science methods can help inform clinical practice and policy.