Fighting Fit

  • Wednesday 6 November 2019, 11.00am-3.00pm
  • 2BX Gym, 2b Elizabeth Street, Leicester, LE5 4FL
  • Please note: This event is invitation only.

‘Fighting Fit’ is a collaboration between The Centre for BME Health, DICE, Turning Point (an agency that supports young people with substance misuse issues), 2BX (a local gym) and University of Leicester (UoL) researchers and PhD students. 

The event is aimed at young people with substance and alcohol misuse issues, who are at risk of social isolation and further marginalisation. The participants will be recruited through support workers at Turning Point. 

During the event, an ex professional boxer will engage young people of different ages, genders and ethnicities with boxing related activities. The programme will include sport-related educational activities, and discussions involving UoL social scientists. The programme will also include guest speakers from sport who will be asked to share their personal journeys and experiences in a way that these young people can relate to. Participants will then have the option to sign up for a tailored 10 week personal development, educational and training programme - with social scientists playing a key role in the evaluation of the programme.

The event draws on the fields of sociology, politics, criminology, health sciences and sport to show young people from ‘troubled’ backgrounds how research might impact on their social, economic and political lives. 

In particular, the event will use insights and methodologies from social science research on drugs and substance misuse, sports and drug use, and sport, health and wellbeing to engage this group. The format of the event includes guest presentations, interactive workshops and short talks, as well as practical sessions on boxing and circuit training. We plan to collect interview material/feedback on the day